In my fathers words: ” while interning at Forsyth Dental Infirmary, Boston, Ma. I volunteered for the Army. I entered active duty on April 10, 1942; and received orders: “Proceed on April 22 to Camp Lee Va.” I left Bangor, Me. on that day with my Model A Ford in a mild snowstorm, stayed at Camp Lee about a week, then ordered to Camp Polk La. When I arrived at Polk the Third Armored Division was there forming a cadre for the 7th Armored Division. I was assigned to the Engineer Battalion of the 7th, and went on maneuvers with them. On returning from a leave(compassionate as my Father had died) I was assigned to the 56th Engineer Battalion Medical Detachment of the 11th Armored Division. I stayed with the 11th Armored until it was disbanding in Austria. I was transferred then to a Field Artillery Battalion while we were crossing Germany with the 1st Infantry Division (the Big Red One) and was farmed out to the Chemical Mortar Battalion stationed at Nurnberg, Germany. I received orders to go home on Dec. 1945, went by train from Nurnberg, thru Paris. I remember going through the Paris train station on Dec. 25th. I arrived in New York, went through Ft. Dix to Camp Devens in Andover, Ma. where I was honorably discharged in January 1946.”

My Father at time of honorable discharge was a Captain and received the European African Middle Eastern Service Medal, American Service Medal and the WWII Victory Medal. He went on to a successful career opening a dental practice, married my Mother, ( they were wed 61 years), and raised three children. He lived a long and accomplished life and passed at the age of 99. I am always very proud each Memorial Day when we tend his and Mothers grave with flowers to place our nations flag to honor him and the service he gave to his country.

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