There are so many sights, sounds, tastes and smells along the coast of Maine. The fir trees meeting the rocky shore, the waves crashing in upon the jagged rocks, the early morning fog with the sound of the fog horns, bell buoys and the cry of the gulls. The smell of the salt air, the sea roses, clam flats, and fish. Coming upon a snug harbor around the next bend in the road filled with a small armada of working boats; lobster, fishing and windjammers. Enjoying fresh seafood right on the harbor dock; lobster and clams, with native corn on the cob and Maine blueberries in a pie or cake. At the end of the day watching the red-orange glow of a spectacular sunset and the strong white beam from a lighthouse piercing the dark night sky.
This is what visitors and those of us lucky enough to live here year round call Maine magic.

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