Maine Traditional Film Photographers, (METFP), was begun in March 2009 by founding photographer participant, Cindy Rehagen Langewisch of Livermore Falls. We are dedicated black and white and color film photographers who utilize a wide range of camera formats which include 35 mm single and twin lens reflex, medium formats, 4 x 5 large format and pin hole cameras. Some of us exclusively develop and print our works, as we are fortunate to have darkroom facilities, while other members utilize the services of print/development professionals to complete their works. We have each exhibited in group and solo shows (both juried and non-juried) in the Mid-coast, Central Maine and Southern Maine areas, which also reflects our range of residences.

Our group meets once a month in the evening for a several hours session (6:30-8:30 or 9:00PM) at the Harlow Gallery on 100 Water Street in downtown Hallowell, Maine. Our monthly meeting dates can change (we have to be flexible to accommodate the gallery schedule) but as of September 2015, we have been consistently meeting on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm (dinner at 5:15 P.M by choice at Joyce’s Restaurant just a few doors away from the gallery.). We also coordinate and/or attend art/photography exhibits, art talks, specific photo shooting events or areas of interest, give in-depth presentations on contemporary and past photographers, and have the occasional pot-luck. Most importantly, we share our photography, knowledge, equipment and acquisitions, travels and enthusiasm. We all feel very fortunate to belong to this group as we support each other in the journey. For more information  Cindy Rehagen Langewisch via email by clicking here.  METFP is free though in recent years we agreed to institute a voluntary annual fee of $35.00. Participants are not required to pay this fee but should understand that if the fee is not paid, and if a participant decided to be part of a METFP exhibit, he or she will need to pay a $10.00 exhibit fee. METFP is open to participants who are currently utilizing analogue/alternative process photography or are looking to begin these processes. METFP does NOT permit any digital imaging except for scanning for submission purposes. Participants in this group do not scan/print from film based negatives. All works are processed and printed in the darkroom.

Thank you to participant Joe Souther, for being our web lacky and creating our new website.